I want to share ‘What it Means’ with you.

There is no secrets message or hidden agenda hiding within my pages. Just a lot of information, thoughts, words of encouragement and my personal philosophies on life, death, and everything in between and beyond. It’s ok not to agree with me, and it’s ok if you do. I feel that I have a strong message to share with you, and this is my avenue.
I have written several books all of which I am proud but the last seven I principally want to share. And along with the books my drive or committed passion to write each one of these books.

So much of our history is not true. We learned, trusted and believed that Christopher Columbus discovered America; however many people were living in America long before his arrival. We learned that Monday is the first day of the week, but rather is it not Sunday instead. We saw that the calendar was not created out of a need to better organize yourself. What difference does a day make? There are so many family secrets that a catchphrase had been born “skeletons in the closet.” Where is our truth? We’ve all watched something, read something or experienced something that we’re not entirely sure of – but inside we know there’s something more. Is that resonance? Is that feeling of questioning our truth? What can we derive from these inner feelings? You watch the news or hear stories of how angels help injured people on the side of the road? Are these random angels? How do they know to come to one’s aid and how do they get to where needed.

We live, breathe and have entrusted our survival on what our parents felt was right, what they were told, lead to believe and trusted was true and then passed on to you. History, religion, much of what we know may all be wrong. Knowingly or unwittingly we must now search for our truth.

We have lived among the stories, history with half true endings all of this amidst the confusion of such troubling times. There have been more misconceptions that have created the foundations of our lives that every day we find so much of what we thought was true is wrong.

Some say that our belief pattern is embedded in our soul.
However, this belief is not in the soul; rather it is intertwined and infused in the very DNA of our lineage, playing out over again in the lives of our sons and daughters; all of which will resurface in the faces of their children and their children to follow.

We must stop patterns of the redundancy of falsehoods. We are not puppets rehearsing the role of our parents’ life to stand in upon their passing. We can no longer be a species with amnesia. We have a history and it is right and true. We must find it and create the very enlightenment in our lives that has been suppressed for generations under the legends myths and lore of our forefathers.

Are the mysteries of the universe science, spirit, both or neither?
Life is bigger than its past. Shrouded in confusion, deception, and deceit – how does one build upon that?

STOP living someone else’s life. Be who and what you are which includes the virtue of your humanity which you have inspired with honesty, integrity and the authenticity of our generation’s accomplishments; not only for your peace of mind but the freedom of one’s self and for all generations to come. And for all of these reasons over fifty years of research and statistical data from around the world has been compiled in these seven books introducing the series of “What it Means.”

What it Means The Series
What it Means The Series