Make it count

Make your day worth living, make it count.

Don’t make your past your destiny. 

Everything you see, you do, and feel today is for a reason. Not for you to know but for your collective experience. Everything that we go through adds to who and what we are. It isn’t all for you sometimes it is for someone long gone in your life that will prompt your memory to who you use to be. Giving you the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and the chance to forgive yourself. You don’t have to hunt that person down that you feel you may have wronged just utter to yourself your remorse for your actions and then move on with your new found freedom from that energy that had been holding you back from other meaningful lessons or life experiences. When you look back, you are not the same person that was involved with what had happened. It doesn’t have to be a murderous act or the crime of the century we all do or say things that at the time we felt appropriate but by looking back seem hurtful and hateful but right at the time. Ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself. You are not unlocking some powerful karmic key to the universe, but you are freeing your cosmic energy for a free and unencumbered future from that point forward.