How your Vibration will bring you What you Want

This line ————————- represents what you want


this line ___________________ represents what you have.

What you want is a broken line above the solid line of what you have.

The reason being all thought and desires are vibrations. A vibrational force of thought being solidified by your ability to believe in what you want.

We form our desires on what we think will make us happy. In doing so, we often go above the line of what we feel we deserve.

Children are much happier than adults because they believe. They believe that someday they will be a fairy princess or prince charming and every day after, they will live with their happy family and run forever through the castle of happiness. Now if that sounds a bit wishy- washy its because it is written in the belief of a child and as an adult, you don’t understand how bliss applies, you have lost your joy. You have been conditioned by life, and circumstances not to believe. You don’t have to live in that castle in the sky to be happy, but you must believe that you could if you wanted too.

Your beliefs, your purpose, and desires in life will bring your happiness to you yet they all must resonate on the same level of vibration to manifest (to make real) in your life.

In our lives we live over and over again what we hear on the nightly news or in the paper. What section do you go to first? The obituaries to see how many friends you have left, or the society section to see who went to the gala that you weren’t invited too? Where is your focus, where are your desires and where is your happiness? In order for anything to manifest in your life, you must be in-line or within the same vibration of what you want. Congruently what you do have in your life is what you have vibrated to based on the level of vibration that you currently function or live, i.e. what you see is what you get or what you have is what you believe you deserve.

Now that last sentence should anger most of you, and if it does, jump out of that box of redundant patterns and live the life you want. See it, own it believe it and be it.

When you feel happiness is coming – it’s because it is. If you feel doom is just around the corner, it is. Change your thoughts, change your desires and only feel the joy you deserve. Just always remember you are in your life where you want to be, that safe place that familiar place on some level brings you happiness, peace or perhaps just mere contentment. But whatever it is that you are getting out of where you are it’s still not your bliss. If it were, you would not still be looking for your dreams.

Most importantly to ‘get what you want’ you must first get rid of what you don’t want. Snide remarks, negative comments, and judgmental thoughts have no place in your new life. Stop the negative, condemning judgmental chatter in your mind. Let go of your hate and fill that space with a positive, nonjudgmental attitude. You don’t know those people you are condemning; you don’t know the suffering they have endured so shame on you to judge their life or actions. My favorite saying here would be “walk in my shoes.”

Just like downloading a program into your computer there is a process, you can’t just want it and so be it. 1st you must own the new program, (a) you must believe it. 2nd you must download the program into your computer (b) your mind must tell your brain what your desires are. When you feel within yourself that warm fuzzy feeling your desire or new program has been downloaded, and will manifest in your life.

The simplest exercise for this would be – pick something – think of something that would make you happy and call that vibration to you, allowing the vibrational level that you function to rise to meet your desire. Think about your desire at night before drifting off to sleep, allow your consciousness and subconscious mind to be in sync or in harmony with what you want, as you do this your vibration will raise, your life will change, and your desire will be in your life.

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