Thank you.

As I was listening to a conversation between my mom and my sister, I was amazed at the topic. My mom Catholic from birth was talking to my sister asking her to say a prayer to God that she be healed or at the very least relieved of such suffering as she had been going through. The last stages of cancer, the pain was incredible. My sister almost appalled it seemed that my mom would asks her to pray for herself responded with ‘your kidding right? There are a lot of people needier than me. No, I won’t pray for myself. The next day my sister passed away. I have thought of this conversation often, and I have to say I have a prayer of my own with the influence of my sister still fresh in my mind.
‘Thank you,’ thank you is my prayer. Thank you to whoever, for whatever, and where every and whenever, Thank you. I can’t pray that God takes, give, answer or forgive – I can only say thank you, as gratitude is the highest form of homage to pay for the gift of life and the blessing of death. Thank you.

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