What is your opinion?

Everyone has an opinion; we hear this and even say it often. That opinion or even judgment is your perception. Perception based on who you are, where you are in life as well as all of your past experiences. Your perceptions also comprised of all thoughts and opinions held by all blood ancestors that have walked this earth before you. Our perceptions will manifest in our life as light and, color, that will produce sound and that sound is your truth. Everyone will see color differently as no two people will feel or hear an identical thing the same. Everyone will see color, light and hear sound differently as everyone will believe and understand what feels or resonates true for them. What is important to you may not be of consideration to someone else, they don’t have your knowledge or experiences. They do not share your DNA. It doesn’t make you right or them wrong it makes both of you left to your unique understanding. This is what makes us all different, light is complex and not meant to be understood but used as a guide to enlightenment. Light is the outward appearance of wisdom. The vibration of this wisdom reflects color that is your truth. The vibration of frequency is the combination of light and color, and it is the voice of your spirit. A particle split in half, one-half on Earth and the other half in heaven; if one-half moves both halves move. It is the same with all religions and beliefs, as we all are a part of that particle that will come together as the unification of humanity through spirit. But first, we must understand it is okay to be different, and we will all benefit from our differences. Our focus as of late has been that ‘Black Lives Matter, Police Lives Matter as do Indigenous Lives Matter’ just to mention a few I am here to say we all matter.