Hertz – Tones, notes, colors and vibrations affecting us all.

Use colors and vibrational Hertz to change your life

Heal yourself!

Tones, notes, colors and vibrations commonly referred to as Hertz will affect each of us on a soul and spirit level thus lending to the vibrational manifestation of our desires. God has a plan for us all, yet human nature is to be impatient and because of this we have been given gifts by God to aid us along our path to enlightenment. These gifts consist of color and tone just to name the ones that apply to this article. It’s now time to discuss Hz and their healing, manifesting, and uplifting vibrations that will aid and assist us all along our path.
The term Hz is the word used to note the unit measure for frequency. As discussed a vibrational rate is the equivalent to that of a quantum wave. You cannot see, hear, or touch this wave, but it will impact your life on a profound level, in an amazing, enlightening, and awe-inspiring way.

These tones with emanating color will aid you in your ability to heal yourself or to bring to you your desired life changes. This can be done by listening to a specific vibrational tone, which will bring about change, balance, clarity, and a sense of fulfillment. This will be a musical rate or vibrational tone, or as some may say musical resonance as it will impact your life, in sighting change for the better and all around assisting you on your path.

In an attempt to heal the physical body, it will be necessary to use the original Solfeggio scale. This scale is considerably different from the one of contemporary musical tones known as diatonic scale. The Solfeggio frequencies are sound frequencies used for healing purposes emanation frequency and color. The narrative about these healing sounds is quite captivating. As reported, these tones were accurately sung in the context of ancient Gregorian chants, although the precise tuning, the technique and the knowledge about their healing properties had been somehow lost, or hidden long ago. Some reports suggest that it was the Catholic church at the core of absconding with this information, shielding it from an uncertain future, not allowing its authorization to the common man as it had been thought the mere commoner would not be enlightened as to its value. Solfeggio tones penetrate deep within the spirit playing a significant role in the intricate properties of the mind and soul for virtue, purity and perfection as it encourages intense healing of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The lowest tone on the Solfeggio scale is 174Hz frequency. This tone is described and found to be a natural anesthetic as it removes physical pain from the body. This pain often caused by insecurity and a sense of loneliness and being unloved, unappreciated and shunned. This frequency will return self-assurance, love and stability to your life promoting once again, a pain-free body.

Next we will talk about the Hz measuring 396. This resonate vibration, aids you in releasing guilt, fears, and blocks that had kept you from being happy thus far. It is a grounding tone and will assist you in your awakening process in this life. The resonating frequency of this note vibrates on the same color vibration as the color red. When meditating and seeing the color red within your minds eye you will be releasing situations from yourself that have caused feelings of guilt and fear.

The Solfeggio scale has brought us to the resonating vibration of 417Hz. Thus allowing us to break through negative and recurring cycles such as overeating, procrastination, excessive drinking and other destructive behaviors. By stimulating your psyche, spirit, and soul with this vibrational tone, it will affect your digestion, stomach issues, and gallbladder, in a positive way. The vibrational frequency of 417Hz. resonates on the same vibrational frequency as the color orange. When meditating or lighting candles, the color orange is also known as the color of consistency. If you light an orange candle to help you loose weight, know the weight will stay off.

As we move to the next vibration, we will be discussing 528Hz. 528Hz is said to have the resonance that can heal DNA. To return human DNA to its original, perfect state. This vibration will increase the amount of life energy, clarity, and awareness to you. It has been said that 528Hz is a miracle vibration as it has the ability to bring happiness and to restore once lost self-confidence and self-esteem to the listening ears. This tone resonates on the same vibrational level as the color yellow. Yellow is also the color of intellect as healing the human DNA this Hertz will also restore and heal emotional concerns and memory difficulties.

This next frequency will be 639Hz. This frequency encourages harmonious relationships. Between your mind, body and soul along with relationships with others. Creative, healthy and productive relationships that will help you grow and develop into a fully functioning human leaving your past dysfunctions behind. This ancient solfeggio frequency intensifies communication, perception, and knowledge. 639 Hz frequency can also be used for interdimensional communication. When there is a desire to open a channel to other dimensions this vibrational frequency will assist you into that transition. The color here is green and is also said to have the ability to heal the heart. When lighting green candles or meditating on the color green it is said to bring to you, your hearts desires.

Another tone from the Solfeggio Scale is 741 Hz, which will aid you into a healthier, more productive life. This vibrational frequency will support you in developing a healthier lifestyle along with a healthy diet and eating schedule. Modern day and eating on the run has become common place but will never be healthy. This frequency will help you relax giving you time to smell the roses in your life and appreciate and love on a much deeper level those around you. Deep spiritual and emotional healing will take place listening to this vibration. The healing resonating color is blue which is also the same as the PH level of the human body. I say this is the absolute essence of harmony and balance.

The Next resonate vibration we will be discussing is 852Hz. This is the wisdom of high creative sources of your being. The holy of the holiest in your mind. The original Solfeggio scale is the notes between notes. The hidden language of music. Do and re are a whole tone apart, as are re and mi, fa and sol, sol and la, and la and ti. These vibrations connect us to the creator giving us the ability to create for ourselves. The color associated or resonating on this vibrational frequency is purple. The color of God, royalty as the spirit on high. Lighting purple candles or meditating on the color purple will bring your spirit full circle of pure enlightenment, wisdom, completion and the ability to see the essence of God.

Lastly we will discuss 963Hz as the vibration of one, the one with God, the one with spirit the cohesive universal union of solidarity and creation. Coming together with mental, physical and spiritual resonance, with perfect balance and harmony. This vibration is the reverberating spirit the all knowing in this life and from all other lives. The essence of love, compassion and the universal ‘isness.’ 963Hz is all knowing of vibrational tones and the color resonating here is gold which will conveyed to its listener the love and purity of the all knowing, loving creative manifesting essence of all things. Choose your music and the colors in your life wisely, heal yourself.

Quick Hertz Reference
174 – Pain reduction.
285 – Impact energy aura.
396 – Release anxiety.
417 – To bring about change.
528 – Healing, mental and physical. Miracles.
639 – Bonding, coming together, reunite.
741 – Problem solver.
852 –Restore perfect balance, Spiritual and emotional.
963 –Renewed Spirit.