Time to release all negative energy, thoughts and dysfunctional life patterns

Before reading this blog close your eyes as you listen to this music. The name of it is What it Means at 432Hz.The vibration of this music will resonate with your subconscious mind enabling you to let go of dysfunctional and destructive thought patterns. Allowing you to be free of negative behavior and confusion from your life. 


Don’t keep making the same mistake

There are so many books, movies and even newscasts in which people sell fear, and often it ends in disaster. I am not selling fear. Nothing will happen to you, my reader, if you do not read this blog. Although what will happen if you do, is that your life will increase in vitality, acceptance and triumphing in areas that you would never have imagined in the past. We all want out of life certain things, be they self-worth, peace of mind or just the security of knowing everything is going to be okay. I have always been told that there were no guarantees in life, but there are. There is the guarantee that if you live in a negative, drab, depressing world where nothing goes your way, you will certainly experience that kind of drab, depressing life. However, if you live a good life, with love and laughter, respecting yourself as well as your neighbor, feeling good about yourself and having optimism in your heart; progressively things will come your way, and you will have the peace and happiness that you feel you deserve.
It’s hard to take responsibility for the bad things that happen, and it’s even more disheartening to admit that your downfalls, failures, and disappointments are your faults. That promotion you didn’t get – your fault. That call you wanted so bad that never came – your fault. The lottery numbers you were sure would be the winning ones – nope – your fault. Life is bigger than taking the blame, or accepting responsibility for what did or didn’t happen. Your life is about you, your ability and inability to create your reality. If you are living your desires, your happiness, peace and satisfaction – yes, you created that. If not – correct – your fault and you created that too.
It will never be one particular event that will determine the successes or failures of one’s life. As individual perception is 100% of our personal attitude, one person might see a situation, or event, as positive where others might recognize it as being negative or a waste of time. Your life is your perspective. If you project negative thoughts, emotions, and attitudes, negative issues will come to you and manifest before you, surrounding you with a shroud of adverse energy. These negative thoughts will appear not only in the situation but include other areas of your life as well. Failures and disappointments will be commonplace around you. An event seen by others to be positive could be viewed by you as negative and even life changing, if you are in a negative space. It will always be your perception of the event that will determine its outcome. An event that one person might see as decisive, positive, full of clarity and allocated for success; you will see as bad, unfortunate and just another failure in a long list of disappointments.

You are the only person that can make the determinations or decisions for any outcome in which you are involved. How many times have you heard, “I didn’t think you would have liked that,” or “I know you don’t like this, so I gave it to someone else” when neither of that was true? It is not up to others to make your decisions or to determine your likes or dislikes. We must be in charge of our choices, and opinions. You should never take the views of others, or the common consensus, as your own.
We are a whole within the universe as we have seen in so many documentaries, religious doctrines, and cultural studies but are an individual within our physical bodies. We will make up the collective experiences at the end. If we all had the same concepts, attitudes, and thoughts, then there would be only one experience to draw upon in the end. It is, for this reason, we are all separate as we walk upon the earth. We are all the collective ideas, aspirations, and beliefs of everything, on a subconscious level. However on a conscious level it is important to maintain your individuality. Release what doesn’t work for you and live a good life.