Who is your guardian angel


Your guardian angel is not your mom, dad, brother, sister or even Aunt Marge that may have passed on before you.
Everyone has a guardian angel. However, never a former loved one from this or any other life. A guardian angel has never incarnated, never inhabited a body and has always been with you. In past lives, this life, and in the next, your guardian angel has, and will always, be with you.
How you feel inside reflects outside of you, so that what you experience as insight will cause certain occurrences to happen. The way you feel inside prompts those same feelings outside of you in action and behavior. Because of this guidance, you feel best at the core of your personality, inspiring you to have a great day, as impressive things happen around you.
The same occurs when you don’t feel well, and nothing seems to go right. Your angel, knowing why these things are happening, continues to assist you in your achievement of the intended lesson. Your guardian angel knows you inside and out, knows your path, your karma, your fears and what makes you happy. Your guardian angel will guide you, assist you and yes, even let you fall if you need to experience that as well.
Your guardian angel is not with you to whisper lottery numbers inside of your ear, to give you a high life or to help you fall in love with that person down the street.
You and your guardian angel both know the reason that you were born; your desires, experiences and emotional lessons that you strive to resolve or experience for clarity. And in hopes for a successful life, your angel will guide you along your way in obtaining your dreams, objectives, desires, and clarity along your path.
A guardian angel isn’t with you just to keep you out of trouble. Your angel is with you for protection, love, and to help you stay on course. I know that it isn’t popular to say that we are living this life for a purpose, when so many believe that we are here because our parents loved each other and wanted to share their lives with us. But the story goes much deeper.
Everyone living on this Earth has a mission, a purpose and a reason to be here, and the fulfillment of these objectives is called your destiny.
It is so easy to ignore obvious signs in life, and take for granted the rules and regulations set in place by those in authority. But that isn’t why your angel is with you either. Street signs are there to control the flow of traffic, speed limits to curtail violent and fatal crashes at high rates of speed. Your angel may assist you in altercations on the road if the assistance of your angel does not interfere with your destiny.
So many times, we see pictures, or witness first-hand, the assistance of guardian angels at crash sites, or people coming to the aid when no one else is around. These angels are there to protect you and to see that you make your way to your final destiny.
In the event that dying in a road accident is not the reason you came into this life, or something you must experience before you move on to the next level, you will not die and your angel will intercede and see to your safety.
Although we aren’t talking about death, we are talking about life: Your existence in this life, your beliefs, your mannerisms, your desires and what moves you and what motivates you to the next step. Your likes, dislikes and what your passions are, is your guardian angel’s mission to help you fulfill.
Don’t get me wrong. A guardian angel is not like having a genie in your pocket that will fulfill your every desire. Your guardian angel is that guiding source behind you, to help you get from one step in your evolution in this life to the next.
We all know, beforehand, what our mission is, in this life, and the hardships that we will incur. Road blocks, failures, diseases, and depression are just a few of the life issues that perhaps we came here to experience. Not every life is peaceful, and a simple walk in the park.
Whereas not every life that we live has a core issue that we must fulfill. It is not uncommon for a person to incarnate, or to be born, simply to be with another person in human form to assist that other person to their destiny. When meeting someone that seemingly has it all together, often our human response is to be jealous and to think that the other person is so perfect or lucky that they have no issues or hardships. That person may simply be in this life for you. Don’t be jealous of the “having it all together person” with such a peaceful life; be thankful that they are in your life.